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Hey folks, Scottie here again. As you know, this week has been a rough one for us, with our #1 son Ramirez facing the greatest physical challenge of his life. We’ve learned over time that you have to take the good with the bad. And today marks a small milestone for his roommate Frank. You might recall that four months ago, Frank suffered a massive seizure, and we thought we would be losing him. Well, turns out he’s quite a trooper, and today was his sixteen-week anniversary since that happened.


He’s definitely not the Pookie he used to be (he and his sibling Sam are known as the “Pookie Bros.”). Sometimes he walks in a circle, sometimes he can’t finish his breakfast. But his little heart is still strong, and he’s as sweet as he’s ever been.


Back in his heyday, he slept on the pillow above my head and guarded me from anyone who would dare interrupt our napping. It saddens me that he has to sleep in a soft crate now for his protection, but after all those years watching over me, I certainly owe him a few.


We talk a lot about the “Holy Trinity” of Ramirez, Jackson and Rebecca. Frank was #4, but his impact was just as strong as those three. I consider every day we have with him a blessing at this point. He will have his very own chapter in our book… which will be written sometime in the next couple decades.


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