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Topsy Turvey

We’ve had more heartbreaking drama in our family this weekend. Our #1 dog, Ramirez, aka Prince Ramirez of the Highlands, is suffering from what is believed to be a bout of vestibular syndrome. He’s the 3rd dog we’ve had with this condition and that’s really strange. We started his roller coaster ride (literally) on Sunday early afternoon with a panic stricken trip to the emergency vet. Our friend & vet, Dr. Rick, called us as we were heading home and we all agree that we have to wait and see if he can come out of this. His age being 17 is definitely not in his favor. Please say prayers for this extraordinary little man. He is our heart and is the reason so many animals have been saved these past 17 years. It all began with this one little 10 pound dog. You can see what we are up against by watching the video. Keep in mind, 30 min. before he fell off the bed, he ran across the yard to me.

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