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Last year on this day we were anxiously awaiting the birth of a special baby. Hoping and praying for the birth to go smoothly and for Cass to be alright was all that was on my mind. There were so many unknowns then but one thing I did know was that Cass knew how to be a mother.


Today mother and daugther are celebrating Mother’s Day! They have a strong connection that I don’t think will ever be broken. Cass keeps Becca in check but she is right there if she feels she’s threatened in any way. Becca is attached strongly to her mother, even though they were separated for months when she was spending time in Leslie’s herd. She has and always will be drawn to her. Cass has never been able to keep any of her babies, they were all taken and sold off a few months after birth.


We were worried once Becca began growing into a horse Cass may not be too hip on her being around. When we moved into our new place all those worries were quickly washed away. With Becca approaching her yearling mark, Cass seems to be enjoying her company. They share everything, including a special Mother’s Day treat of apples. They run after one another in the pasture. They are enjoying the fan that is now affixed in their shed. Most times when I drive up both are side by side inside. They each watch out for the other.


They say the influence of the mare is more important to the foal than the best bloodlines of any stallion. I hope that is true because Cass is a wonderful example of a kind and thoughtful soul. I wish I could take away her bad memories but I can only make her future safe and love filled.


Mother and Daughter, it’s going to be hard to tell them apart when Becca reaches adulthood. Be kind to your mothers and let them know how much you love them. Also, let them know they were always right.



Cheers to our other mother and son in residence at CassidyLand! A mother’s love is wonderful to watch in it’s truest form. Daddy Buford is playing his role, too, though I think he’s not-so-patiently waiting to breed her again. Men are such simple creatures.


My own family of furry and feathered babies gave me a Mother’s Day card with a fancy iced chocolate chip cookie. The card sings this song in totally annoying voices:

“We wish you happy Mother’s Day, we love you lots today. Well, we love you every day, but even more today! We love you more than hay, more than a fish fillet, more than a double latte, or a big ‘ol manta ray! Are we annoying you? That’s what we’re s’posed to do! Our song is almost through…in fact, it’s done!”


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