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We’ve been at our new place a month now and things are going smoothly. The girls have adjusted to my schedule being slightly different from day to day. The cows no longer even glance my way when I drive up. The past two weekends I’ve allowed Cass & Becca to run on the entire 5 acres – with the cows! I was very nervous the first time but my girls are smart. They walked right through those cows and made them move out of their way! Buford (the bull) wasn’t impressed enough to get up from laying down, though. The girls sure love running around the barn. It’s hard to describe the feeling I get watching them. (Scottie is working on a video of them running the first time out.)

Yesterday I opened up the big door at the back of the barn so I could keep a watch on them while I was fiddling around inside. Eva (cattledog) and I finished up chores and brought a chair in the doorway and I attempted to read a little. Cass & Becca decided it must be safe enough to explore the barn if I was right there. I kept the doorway blocked with my body but it was good they were both curious and peeking in. I want to start bringing them in to do their grooming. The front of the barn has a large concrete area and a good breeze blows through. This is also the ideal place for us to start doing their hoof trims. Baby steps, baby steps…The peace I felt simply sitting there with my dog and my horses was overwhelming. How lucky I am to have this life. How lucky I am to have this unique family.

This week will begin the round pen work. The Barnhills are doing some refurbishing of the grounds since the cows like to dig really big holes. They’ve been carting in truckloads of dirt to fill things in and build parts up. The driveway had been a really deep sand. My car had trouble navigating through it so I had to be careful. They’ve moved that sand to my round pen and it will be perfect working ground now. Get ready Becca, the boss mare is back!



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