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Sassy Comes Calling

Cass & Becca met Sassy this week. She’s Terri’s horse and is quite stunning. I believe she’s a Rocky Mountain Spotted Horse and I know for certain she is gaited. Watching her move was impressive. Terri didn’t even bounce! Cass usually isn’t too interested in other horses but she was curious about Sassy. Maybe it was because Terri was on top of her? The day of her visit was also the day I took my saddle to the barn and had it laying on top of the fence so Cass could get used to it. Maybe she was suspicous I was getting some crazy ideas?!

Eva, my cowdog, got a lesson in why you don’t bark and charge at horses and riders – Sassy & Terri came chasing after her! It took 3 times, but Eva finally admitted she didn’t really want to chase horses after all.






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