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I’m back from my 3 day trip to visit my family. I spent most of the time with my parents and my pregnant niece. She was so cute with her little belly! It’s not so easy to just pick up and leave such a large animal family when I’m the main caretaker. Scottie did great with all the old-timers, though, and Cass & Becca didn’t miss a step having Gayle & Therese feed them. Our 3 young dogs who stayed at our vet’s felt it the worst. I don’t think Eva, the cowdog, is going to let me out of her sight any time soon. CindyLou even acted like she may have missed us. Jill & Eva each had their own vet tech groupie. My allergies were starting to bother me before I left. I got some herbs from my acupuncturist to try to ward off getting bronchitis which worked the time I was gone but now I’m feeling terrible. We are having horrible pollen and there are wild fires around so our air quality sucks.

Before I went to St. Louis we got our round pen. The nice guys from Horstmeyers helped me set it up while the cows and horses looked on. I’ve got to do some root removal before I can start working them in it. The cows like to dig craters in the dirt so the property owners son used the tractor to fill them in for me. It’s in a shady spot right next to their pasture. I’m sure Cass wasn’t too thrilled when she realized what we were doing!








The panels themselves aren’t that heavy. They’re awkward to move by yourself, though. They fit together with pins so you can change them up and move them around easily. Easily, in theory, anyway.





We buried the bottom pole of the panel for the gate so it was more sturdy.


Becca looks on suspiciously, “I thought I left that thing at Leslie’s?”


Cass knows that round pen is meant for teaching her youngster how to behave…


“Darn it! She’s gonna make me run again, isn’t she?”


I plan on taking things slow, especially with Cass. I want her to face her fears but not be overwhelmed by them. I’ve got our new saddle that is light enough I can start putting it on Becca to get her used to it, too. There’s such nice and calm energy at our new place I think our training is going to be positive for all of us. Leslie will come help as we need it.

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