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Out Of Town

I’m writing this while sitting in my niece, Kelly’s, house in St. Louis! Yep, I’m out of town. It’s not easy leaving my large family of animals. Cass & Becca are being cared for by Gayle & Therese. The first report I got from the first feeding was Becca thought she may be able to push a new person around. She learned quickly she wasn’t going to be able to push Therese around! I boarded the 3 young dogs with our vet so Scottie only has the old-timers. I had to take them yesterday and it was soooooo quiet at our house. We figured out who makes all the noise, that’s for sure.

My parents don’t know I’m here. It’s a surprise for them. The plan tomorrow is to first go to the baby doctor with Kelly then she will call her grandma & grandpa to say she’s stopping by to return a plate. I will just walk in with her! Hopefully, the surprise won’t be so exciting we’ll have to call 911! I’ll be back to FL in 3 days.

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