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Settling In

It’s been a week since our girls moved to their new pasture and I’d say they approve. They seem content and happy and we’re seeing each other twice a day. It was a little daunting to think about taking on complete responsibility for their care and feeding. I was used to knowing if I couldn’t get there, they’d be fed. That’s a definite advantage to boarding. But, our schedule’s been working fine. I’ve skewed my times to reflect when we have a busy pet sitting day – I feed the horses after clients in the morning and before clients in the evening (usually). Our schedule is never the same. But they are doing fine, no matter what time I’m there.

One of the best perks about being at my own place is having an official assistant! Eva, the Australian Cattledog, is clearly in her element out there. She recently turned 2 and she and I are tight, so I had a feeling she wouldn’t venture too far if I let her loose. Her trainer kept telling me to just “let her go!”. So, I did and she loves it! She doesn’t go far from me and if she does get a bit away, as soon as I call her she comes flying, even if she’s stalking the cows.  She and the girls have been around each other but she’s never been in with them off-leash before.




Bad Baby B has thumped her once. She is very “vocal” with her front feet, constantly knocking tubs over and just hitting at things. Eva was crossing in front of her heading to me when Becca decided to paw at the dog. Eva saw it coming and ducked (as is her herding instinct, duck to avoid hooves!) but Becca did make contact. I’m sure she was doing it in play but I ran her off to teach her that’s not allowed. Poor Eva went running for the gate and Buford was standing there so she sat down and look totally dejected. I guarantee, Eva won’t allow that to happen again. She doesn’t need to be shown things twice, she now keeps her eye on Becca and makes a wide circle. Leftovers are one of the perks to working for me.



It’s in Eva’s blood to be a farm dog. One of our own is a must in the future. Until then, we’re good where we are.


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