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Training Camp Report

It’s now been two weeks that Cassidy and Sam have been at training camp. Time is flying by much quicker than I expected. I miss seeing Cass every day but she certainly seems content where she is. She and Sam are at two different levels in their training since he has actually been ridden before. She has a lot of catching up to do. Leslie had to start Cass out as if she were a wild horse since so many things made her fearful. She’s smart and is getting over things quickly but we have to gain her trust to keep her from fleeing. That’s exactly what we don’t want to occur when we’re in the saddle on top of her! Cassidy has great skills and confidence in being a horse, just not in being a domesticated horse. Her kind heart and gentle soul are her greatest assets.

Week 1 – Ms. Cass is learning Leslie is the top mare.


When she doesn’t do what is asked she has to work, in other words, run. Cass catches on to this concept real quick.


Week 1 – Sam learns scary things aren’t really all that scary.


Week 2 – our trainer, Leslie Rush. She puts so much time and patience into her horses.


When she first started Cass out on stacking out with the bags, it was a LOT of time to get her to accept touching them and being touched by them. Now in the 2nd week, she is remembering and it’s not taking nearly the time.


You can see Scottie in the background shooting video of “fishing for Cass!”. This looks so simple but the mere movement of the bag toward her made her run off a week ago.


Sam and Gayle are having a breakthrough moment.


Sam quickly moves on to “giving to the bit”. This is the most important part of riding safely. He’s never had to do this before.


“I saw what you did to Sam! There’s no way that thing is going on MY back, lady!”


“Well, maybe it’s not really a huge, brown turtle out to get me…”


“Oh, I can’t watch…don’t want to run, want to run, don’t want to run…”


“Damn it! I’m running!”


“Ok, I’ll try it again, I’m looking at my mom and she’s says it’s ok …”


“Hey, I hardly feel that thing up there! Whew!”


We are very proud of our big girl. We’ve asked a lot from her this past year in just getting to know and trust us. Now, it’s a whole new challenge with new people and places. She’s not only beautiful, she’s brilliant and we will take things at her pace. She’s told us all along how she felt and we will continue to listen. The coolest part is now I’m learning how to get her to understand me.

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