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Rosabelle Moves In

With Ms. Cassidy moving on to training camp, we took advantage of her empty pasture and moved Rosabelle. If you remember, back in October I took on a rescue Quarterhorse from our local animal control. She had been picked up as a stray and was never claimed. Since then, she’s been fostered by clients of ours. She was a sick and depressed gal when she got there, needing to gain 400 lbs. and deal with skin ailments. She feels like a horse again now and desperately wanted to be around other horses. At Trish’s place she’s getting tons of attention and is happy having a herd to run with, even if they are across the driveway. Here are some pics of her first day in the new digs.

She approves of the Cassidyland tent!


She is calling to the other horses.


She is a smart girl and found the shady areas right away. She is conversing with the Jingles clan across the way. Her special friend, Gayle, is my partner in her rescue. Her help was crucial in getting Rosabelle the vet and chiropractic care she desperately needed. Gayle bought her the first new halter before even seeing her.


Her foster parents, Steve and Vicki, are the main reason this horse is happy and healthy today. Their loving care for so many months put her on the road to recovery and understanding not all humans are bad. We have promised she’ll never be left to fend for herself again. Rosabelle will never have to worry about food or love for as long as she lives.


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