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Cassidy & Sam Settle In

Well, it all went smoothly. Both loaded onto the trailer nicely and we had no problems on the road. There was  a raucous welcoming committee once we got to Parnter Up, with all the goats, dogs, pig, etc. saying hello. When Cass got off the trailer the first one to greet her was Little Sam, the mini horse who has no idea he’s a mini. He came right up and put his nose on her nose! She was a bit taken aback by this. The horses at Trish’s never got so close to her. She gave him a quick bite and started to rear up at him but I had her lead rope and she stopped when I told her no. When I put Cass in the round pen she did her usual – rolled then made a beeline for the hay. I think she’s going to become fast friends with Little Sam and his buddy, Jeffrey the mini donkey. She didn’t give baby Becca the response she was hoping for. Becca went up to her and was mouthing to her like a baby does, Cass bit at her and promptly walked away. Good thing Becca has her boyfriend!

cass_01 sam_01

cass_03 sam_02


If felt strange Sunday not doing anything with Cassidy for the first time in 11 months. I was busy in the morning getting Rosabelle acclimated after moving her to Trish’s from her foster parents place. Then I went home and missed Cass. I did all my house chores with our animals and then took a much needed nap. I kept checking email to hear something from Leslie. I didn’t want to call and bug her but I did finally send her an email later that night. It ends up Cass and Sam spent their first full day at Leslie’s in the back pasture together! They have become friends and neither put up any kind of fuss or fight! How cool is that! Both start their training today.

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