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Cass Off To Camp…

Tomorrow is the big day. Her overnight bag is all packed.  Cassidy & Sam will leave for Leslie’s place. I know Cass is going to love it there. Not sure what she will think of seeing Becca again. That will be interesting. The plan had been to bring Becca home when Cass left for training but it was decided she’ll stay for a few weeks more. That’s so Leslie can help me get over my new found fear of her. Yep, I’m afraid of the baby. With both Cass & Becca there I can get the work in with both of them and Leslie can correct me immediately. Usually I’m explaining things to her on the phone and it doesn’t quite work. I’m planning on getting out to Leslie’s 2 to 3 times a week. January is usually slow for traveling clients so it will be up to me to get my chores and midday clients done early so I can head out on the 45 min. drive. I have a lot to learn and now it’s time to “buck up little camper”!

I groomed Cass to get her ready for her adventure. She is blowing so much coat it looked like it had snowed around her. I have a new rake-type tool I am using and she loves it. It’s actually for my dogs but it’s working on getting all her loose coat out. She even asks me to rake her face! Say some prayers for us and you know the video of tomorrows trek will be up on the CassidyCam next week.




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