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Finally a new video! Couple of big changes… we’ve dropped the old “CassidyCam Weekly Webcast” title. From now on it’s “Welcome To CassidyLand!”, and we’ll use episode numbers instead of dates. This one is #37 (counting all the old webcasts as previous numbers). We probably won’t have a new show each week, but they’ll be better quality this way. Hope you like it!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Training Camp Report

It’s now been two weeks that Cassidy and Sam have been at training camp. Time is flying by much quicker than I expected. I miss seeing Cass every day but she certainly seems content where she is. She and Sam are at two different levels in their training since he has actually been ridden before. She has a lot of catching up to do. Leslie had to start Cass out as if she were a wild horse since so many things made her fearful. She’s smart and is getting over things quickly but we have to gain her trust to keep her from fleeing. That’s exactly what we don’t want to occur when we’re in the saddle on top of her! Cassidy has great skills and confidence in being a horse, just not in being a domesticated horse. Her kind heart and gentle soul are her greatest assets.

Week 1 – Ms. Cass is learning Leslie is the top mare.


When she doesn’t do what is asked she has to work, in other words, run. Cass catches on to this concept real quick.


Week 1 – Sam learns scary things aren’t really all that scary.


Week 2 – our trainer, Leslie Rush. She puts so much time and patience into her horses.


When she first started Cass out on stacking out with the bags, it was a LOT of time to get her to accept touching them and being touched by them. Now in the 2nd week, she is remembering and it’s not taking nearly the time.


You can see Scottie in the background shooting video of “fishing for Cass!”. This looks so simple but the mere movement of the bag toward her made her run off a week ago.


Sam and Gayle are having a breakthrough moment.


Sam quickly moves on to “giving to the bit”. This is the most important part of riding safely. He’s never had to do this before.


“I saw what you did to Sam! There’s no way that thing is going on MY back, lady!”


“Well, maybe it’s not really a huge, brown turtle out to get me…”


“Oh, I can’t watch…don’t want to run, want to run, don’t want to run…”


“Damn it! I’m running!”


“Ok, I’ll try it again, I’m looking at my mom and she’s says it’s ok …”


“Hey, I hardly feel that thing up there! Whew!”


We are very proud of our big girl. We’ve asked a lot from her this past year in just getting to know and trust us. Now, it’s a whole new challenge with new people and places. She’s not only beautiful, she’s brilliant and we will take things at her pace. She’s told us all along how she felt and we will continue to listen. The coolest part is now I’m learning how to get her to understand me.

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Hey folks, Scottie here. I’m behind schedule with stuff right now, so I’m not going to be able to get the video show done in time to have an episode this week. My plan is to do all future shows like the most recent one, completely edited for a more professional look. Of course that takes more time, but the end result is more rewarding. I’m also experimenting with different lengths, and possibly incoporating multiple events to keep things moving and exciting.

There will definitely be a show next week, I can say that. If you have any input on what you do or don’t like about the webcasts, please leave a comment about it. And stay tuned for more video fun soon!

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Rosabelle Moves In

With Ms. Cassidy moving on to training camp, we took advantage of her empty pasture and moved Rosabelle. If you remember, back in October I took on a rescue Quarterhorse from our local animal control. She had been picked up as a stray and was never claimed. Since then, she’s been fostered by clients of ours. She was a sick and depressed gal when she got there, needing to gain 400 lbs. and deal with skin ailments. She feels like a horse again now and desperately wanted to be around other horses. At Trish’s place she’s getting tons of attention and is happy having a herd to run with, even if they are across the driveway. Here are some pics of her first day in the new digs.

She approves of the Cassidyland tent!


She is calling to the other horses.


She is a smart girl and found the shady areas right away. She is conversing with the Jingles clan across the way. Her special friend, Gayle, is my partner in her rescue. Her help was crucial in getting Rosabelle the vet and chiropractic care she desperately needed. Gayle bought her the first new halter before even seeing her.


Her foster parents, Steve and Vicki, are the main reason this horse is happy and healthy today. Their loving care for so many months put her on the road to recovery and understanding not all humans are bad. We have promised she’ll never be left to fend for herself again. Rosabelle will never have to worry about food or love for as long as she lives.


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Finally uploaded! First Ustream, and now YouTube is giving Scottie grief… he’s been trying since Monday to get this episode online without success. So we’re moving to yet another video host called Vimeo. Hopefully you’ll be able to view it without any trouble. Just click on the image below to start playback. And I think you’ll agree, the new format of the show was worth the wait. It’s definitely our best yet!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Cassidy & Sam Settle In

Well, it all went smoothly. Both loaded onto the trailer nicely and we had no problems on the road. There was  a raucous welcoming committee once we got to Parnter Up, with all the goats, dogs, pig, etc. saying hello. When Cass got off the trailer the first one to greet her was Little Sam, the mini horse who has no idea he’s a mini. He came right up and put his nose on her nose! She was a bit taken aback by this. The horses at Trish’s never got so close to her. She gave him a quick bite and started to rear up at him but I had her lead rope and she stopped when I told her no. When I put Cass in the round pen she did her usual – rolled then made a beeline for the hay. I think she’s going to become fast friends with Little Sam and his buddy, Jeffrey the mini donkey. She didn’t give baby Becca the response she was hoping for. Becca went up to her and was mouthing to her like a baby does, Cass bit at her and promptly walked away. Good thing Becca has her boyfriend!

cass_01 sam_01

cass_03 sam_02


If felt strange Sunday not doing anything with Cassidy for the first time in 11 months. I was busy in the morning getting Rosabelle acclimated after moving her to Trish’s from her foster parents place. Then I went home and missed Cass. I did all my house chores with our animals and then took a much needed nap. I kept checking email to hear something from Leslie. I didn’t want to call and bug her but I did finally send her an email later that night. It ends up Cass and Sam spent their first full day at Leslie’s in the back pasture together! They have become friends and neither put up any kind of fuss or fight! How cool is that! Both start their training today.

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Cass Off To Camp…

Tomorrow is the big day. Her overnight bag is all packed.  Cassidy & Sam will leave for Leslie’s place. I know Cass is going to love it there. Not sure what she will think of seeing Becca again. That will be interesting. The plan had been to bring Becca home when Cass left for training but it was decided she’ll stay for a few weeks more. That’s so Leslie can help me get over my new found fear of her. Yep, I’m afraid of the baby. With both Cass & Becca there I can get the work in with both of them and Leslie can correct me immediately. Usually I’m explaining things to her on the phone and it doesn’t quite work. I’m planning on getting out to Leslie’s 2 to 3 times a week. January is usually slow for traveling clients so it will be up to me to get my chores and midday clients done early so I can head out on the 45 min. drive. I have a lot to learn and now it’s time to “buck up little camper”!

I groomed Cass to get her ready for her adventure. She is blowing so much coat it looked like it had snowed around her. I have a new rake-type tool I am using and she loves it. It’s actually for my dogs but it’s working on getting all her loose coat out. She even asks me to rake her face! Say some prayers for us and you know the video of tomorrows trek will be up on the CassidyCam next week.




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