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(I offer my apologies on not updating sooner.) Monday was spent holding our nearly 17 year old miniature pinscher, Ramirez. He had to have his teeth cleaned and had several warty growths removed. That means he was put under anesthesia. Scary proposition for such an old man but we have the world’s most capable and wonderful veterinarian so we trust him in his hands. This dog is not just dropped off for surgery as is every other client for the day. Nope, not our Ramirez. When I got to the clinic the receptionist let Dr. Rick know we were there. It was cold so we were both bundled up.

As I held him all snugged up in his coat and blanket he was given a pre-cocktail to take his edge off. Well, usually it just takes his edge off but this time he was snoring into my chest about half a minute later! I cherish those few moments when he relaxes against me. Dr. Rick came in and gave him the rest of his sedation and then swooped him away to the back. I took up residence in the lobby with my feet up and began reading a book.

It was only about an hour later and they brought him out to me. He was still asleep but starting to come around. We have learned it is much better for all of us if I hold him during the waking up process. He was shivering from the cold you get from being under anesthesia so we put a hot water bottle underneath the blanket after putting his coat back on. One of the receptionists went out to my car and brought my big sweatshirt to cover over him, too. I sat there holding him, slightly rocking as people came in and out. No one tried to sit next to us. I think they were all afraid something was really wrong with the old man. One lady, after getting into her exam room, asked, “Is that little dog ok?”, as her eyes teared up! The receptionist assured her he was fine and was recovering from surgery.

We had gotten there at 8am and when it got close to 10:30am Dr. Rick came out to check on us. We sat and chatted for a while. He was pleased he didn’t have to extract any teeth. When Ramirez had his first dental done at the age of 5, we had to pull 10 teeth! Since his teeth are one of the many things we keep up, he hasn’t lost but a few here and there since. We normally give him two dentals a year but this time we held out a bit longer. He has gum recession, but not bad enough it is causing his teeth to be loose. His teeth are in there tight and he can still eat and bite! He proved that as I tried to pry open his mouth to show Dr. Rick a slight growth on his tongue I’d forgotten to have him check. The fact Ramirez still has attitude is something that makes us all happy. We were given the green light to go home as long as one of us would be with him.

We got home and put him right in bed with Scottie. Scottie cherishes those times with him. It’s hard to describe what it feels like when his little butt is laying up against you and the rise and fall of his breathing lulls you to sleep. Oh, we’re going to miss him more than we can imagine. He is a few months away from his 17th birthday and we know every minute is precious. That is why we spoil him even more these days. I got my work done quickly so I could take over napping with him when Scottie had to go out to pet sit. I tried once when I thought he was slightly awake to take him out to potty, but he just kept stumbling. He took this procedure a lot harder than ever before. Finally, when we got up at 5pm he was ready to pee outside and walk a bit. Whew! I had taken the day off from my midday clients but I had to do dinner visits, so Scottie took over again when I left. Dr. Rick made one more call to make sure his most special patient was doing alright. Have I mentioned he’s the best?! Of course, a one-of-a-kind dog, such as Ramirez, only gets the best.


Before and after.


Old man sleeping.


The place where one of the four growths were removed. The stitches will simply fall out by themselves.

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