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Meet Miss Rosabelle

Remember the injured Thoroughbred that was at my local shelter a few weeks back? Well, she was an owner give-up so it was possible for her to go immediately to rescue. Big thanks to Pure Thoughts for taking her. There was another horse at the shelter at the same time, but she had to wait out “stray time”. Yes, she was a stray horse. No one claimed her and she is far from healthy so she came out to rescue, too. I organized things for her and she is graciously being fostered by clients of ours, Vicki and Steve. She needs to gain about 350 pounds, her hooves were way overgrown and she has yuck all over her skin. She is the sweetest, best behaved horse, though, and we are all amazed someone simply let her go. Once she’s had time to get strong again, we will then begin looking for the perfect forever home for Miss Rosabelle.



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