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The October 25th (Saturday) edition of the CassidyCam Weekly Webcast is available for viewing. Get the latest on Delilah’s recovery from her leg boo-boo, and see how Cass is doing without Becca around.

IMPORTANT PROGRAMMING NOTE: we’ve had issues with our broadcast the last two weeks. Both shows were cut short during the live time due to connection trouble, but thankfully we record everything on tape… so they’re now both uploaded. And since we always record, we’ve decided to go back to our regular schedule of new shows appearing every Monday at 7pm. This way we can record the show when it’s convenient, and it will go “live” each Monday. This will also prevent any connection concerns, as Scottie will upload the show from a stable broadband line. He’ll also be able to join you in the chat room while the show is airing, so it will be more interactive.

Thanks for watching, and we hope you stay tuned!

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