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Got a call earlier this week from my friend who runs our local animal services shelter. She had an injured horse and was wondering if I had any connections to get her into rescue. I took my camera with me and stopped by there in between pet sitting clients. I met a beautiful mare with a horrendous leg wound. She was nervous and not real happy, but no one could blame her for that.

So, I put the call out to my horse friends and they sure came to her rescue. Within 2 days of finding out about her they arranged for a reputable rescue to take her and even got her a ride to their facility about 3 hours away! Jazz is in the trailer as I type this on her way to her new life. She’s been disappointed in people before but she has now been promised a life without fear and pain. Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue (http://www.purethoughtshorserescue.com/index.php) will see to it.

I did the easy work of getting the right people connected. Many horse lovers came together for Jazz and are the real heroes. Saving horses one heart at a time.

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