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Riders Ready!

I want to showcase how special our barn is. I call it “our barn”, we don’t own it, but all of us feel it is ours. Trish & Benito are very gracious landlords to our hooved family members. As the situation with little Delilah has emphasized, we all come together to help the horses. These photos were taken the weekend before Delilah got hurt. Not everyone was there but they did a group trail ride. Enjoy!

Gayle & Sam (the former butthead!) He’s almost ready for the trails.

Caitlin (our resident expert) & Deb’s Gone Shopping (former racehorse saved at a kill auction by Pure Thoughts)

Trish & Teddy Bear (gives the fundraiser “pony rides”)

Benito & Savannah (she’s not forgotten she was a racehorse!)

Chris & Strawberry (resident entertainers!)

He just finished giving his momma a little buck 🙂

That is joy!

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