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Getting Ready…

In a few hours we will be on our way to take Big Baby B to bootcamp. My stomach is nervous, I’ve felt tears well up a few times and I have to get control of myself. I must remain calm for Cassidy to trust me and know what we’re doing is ok. Yesterday we bathed both girls to make them more presentable to Leslie and the other horses who will become Becca’s herd for the time being. Cassidy will trailer with Becca to make the hour long drive not so scary. Our plan is to bring Cass home but I’m taking her stuff along in case she has to stay for Becca’s sake. Please think good thoughts for us today – if we all send positive messages maybe it will help calm their fears.

She really is a good baby, for the most part…

Can you tell how dirty that water is?!?

She did some major romping and stomping after her bath…

She has no idea her world is about to get turned upside down.

Momma’s turn. She is such a good girl.

She must be an angel sent from above.

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