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The September 29th edition of the CassidyCam Weekly Webcast is available for viewing. Find out why our crazy filly is packing her bags, and when it’s gonna happen.

Don’t forget, you can watch the Weekly Webcast live every Monday night at 7pm Eastern (Florida) time. All previous shows are just a click away, directly below the main viewer window.

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Today was the day for booster shots. I’ve been dreading it but it had to be done, especially since Becca is leaving next week to go to the trainer’s place. Dr. Cichra came out and a couple other horses needed things done, too, so we did my girls last. I had brought Cass & Becca up to the barn area to allow them to graze for a while and let the baby get tired. When she got her 1st vaccines she put up quite a fight after the initial shot so I was trying to figure out how to make this go smoother.

Drugs was the answer. Dr. Cichra suggested we sedate her a bit (sorry Trish!) so she wouldn’t be so freaked out. It took me two days to touch her after getting her 1st shots and I didn’t want her going through such a trauma this time. It took 2 shots of the sedative to get her even a little sleepy – she’s a big, tough baby! This definitely made a huge difference. She had to have boosters for her initial shots, her rabies shot, get blood pulled for her Coggins and I was microchipping her. Lots of sticks and one really big stick was on the agenda. She was relaxed (thanks to the drugs) and only pulled her head away a little, which I was able to control. The last time she was actually bucking, rearing and kicking! We took our time and she handled it like a sleepy champ. She was back to normal and wanting her momma within a couple hours. Since she didn’t have anything real negative connected to today, she was friendly and let me pet her when I went back to check on her at dinnertime. Thank goodness!

We pulled blood from Cass for her Coggins, too, but I was able to get away with not boostering her vaccines. I didn’t bring it up and the doctor was so busy, she didn’t mention it. We’ll see what she says next time she comes out. She took fecal samples from both girls to check for parasites. So far, Becca has not needed to be wormed. A few hours after Dr. Cichra worked on them, our holistic vet, Dr. Carson, came out to do acupuncture for Cassidy. She was very pleased with the fact Cass’s stomach is much more settled. She had no problems getting the needles done and Cass even allowed her to hook up the electrodes. She concentrated on her hips and hocks this time. Cass kept leaning her forehead into my legs. Becca enjoyed her lunchtime hay while her momma was being pin cushioned 🙂 Dont’ even ask how much money was put out today! Or better yet, don’t tell Scottie…

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