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Giving You The Finger

When you watched this week’s CassidyCam, you probably saw the bandage on Scottie’s left index finger. Here’s a look underneath:

He even managed to cut into the nail! This was the result of opening a cardboard box with a knife aimed the wrong direction (remember, always cut while moving away from your fingers!). It’s going to heal up, but playing guitar will be almost impossible for a while. Good thing he doesn’t have any gigs coming up soon.

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The September 23rd edition of the CassidyCam Weekly Webcast is available for viewing. Our regular Monday show was called off due to rain, so we make up for it by taking everyone on a Tuesday evening ride in the pickup to grab a load of hay for the girls. And our best friend Eva the Cattledog tags along!

Don’t forget, you can watch the Weekly Webcast live every Monday night at 7pm Eastern (Florida) time. All previous shows are just a click away, directly below the main viewer window.

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