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My First Shoulder Hug

I’ve heard about shoulder hugs but haven’t experienced one. I’m pretty sure Cass gave me one yesterday. It was late afternoon and I was spending time with my big girls and my one little girl, Eva the cattledog. As usual, I was cleaning up the pasture after not being able to do so for a couple days. It was hot so Becca and Cassidy weren’t following me much. They were opting to stand by the fence next to Eva. They all seem to feel comfortable together which is very cool. We all long for the day we have our own farm and Eva can be loose to run around instead of tied to the back of my car.

The three of them were all down by the gate and I was up near the road picking up poo. Some neighborhood girls had come by the fence to see the horses and Becca went right over to say hi. Instead of going to visit, Cassidy made her way over to me. She actually made a beeline for me in her methodical, slow pace. She stopped right in front of me and gave me a “look”. I began talking to her and started scratching the side of her glorious neck. She then laid her big head on my right shoulder – and kept it there. I put both hands up to her neck and was petting and speaking softly to her. I think I even quit breathing for a moment. I know she was trying to tell me something. The weight of her head started buckling my knees a bit but I stayed standing with her until she pulled her head away. The moment seemed to have lasted at least five minutes. She looked at me again with those immense chocolate eyes, slowly turned and walked back to her tent. I felt completely honored and thrilled that she chose to hug me. Wow! There could be many things she was trying to tell me; it’s hot, where’s my dinner, who are those girls, or simply you make me feel safe. I hope she feels the love I have for her and my promise to always keep her safe.

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