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This Saturday, Sept. 13th, from 11 – 3pm, we are having a “Horse Fun Day” at the barn. The barn doors will be opened for families to come and interact with the horses and learn a thing or two while they are at it. We will offer horse rides (on Teddy Bear), photos with the horses, bags of carrots and apples to feed the horses, ice pops for everyone and horsey souvenirs. All will be available for a small donation toward the care of Savannah and Delilah.

Savannah and Delilah are the rescued Thoroughbreds who came from a neglect situation. They have gained much needed weight and feel better everyday. Savannah is beginning to bond with us and get out of her “fog”. Delilah is being weaned from her mother and is taking it in stride. She is being babysat by Teddy Bear. Scottie and I put together an information poster for the two of them. Tracing her lineage and seeing the photos of her famous racing family was both awe inspiring and depressing. Several of her relatives are Hall of Fame horses with all the major race wins in their resumes. I’ll do some name dropping for those of you who are familiar with the race world: Bold Forbes, Bold Ruler, Nashua, Secretariat & Ruffian. Savannah was known in the race world as Just Aired. She had a decent showing as a racehorse before going on to be a broodmare. I tracked six of her foals and one (Northern Air) was a BIG money winner for someone. What a sad testament to the fact she was used for profit and then discarded at auction. Unfortunately, the family that bought her didn’t care too much about her either, as they were allowing her and her baby to starve. That’s when Trish from Longwood Hills Ranch stepped in. Now Savannah will get her deserved retirement, finally at age 21, and her last baby will have a loving future.

We won’t just be educating about the goods and bads of Thoroughbred Racing. I will be there with Cassidy and Rebecca to teach people about the secretive world of the Premarin mares. Folks won’t be able to resist the two of them. Cass will make them feel wanted when she realizes people have goodies! Gayle will be there with Sam to tell people how it’s not all old, sick and used up horses at the auctions. Sam has been working hard to overcome his reputation as a butthead. He owes thanks to his young trainer, Caitlin.

We hope to show people how magnificent these animals are and how they need respect and care. We hope people will have fun but leave thinking about our responsibilities as caregivers to all creatures, especially those we use for our own gains. Here’s to Racing Royalty, liberated Pee Machines and unpolished Treasures!

Horse above is Nashua, Savannah’s Great-Great Grandsire on her mother’s side. Won most major races in 1955, earned $1,288,565 in 30 races. 1st racehorse to sell for over $1 million dollars.

Horse above is Bold Ruler, Savannah’s Great-Great Grandsire on her father’s side. Won most major races in 1957. Earned $764,204 in 33 races. Was the #1 sire in North America between 1963 – 1969. Fathered Secretariat and 10 other champions. Grandsire to Bold Forbes, Foolish Pleasure, Spectacular Bid and Ruffian.

Horse above is Secretariat. Won the Triple Crown in 19733 and set still standing track records in 2 of the 3 races. Won the Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths. Considered by most to be the greatest racehorse of all time.

Horse above is Ruffian, the greatest female racehorse of all time. She was undefeated in her 1st 10 races. Her 11th and final race ended tragically when she broke her leg and was euthanized after a failed surgery. Some considered her even greater than Secretariat.

Horse above is Bold Forbes, Savannah’s Grandsire. Racehorse Hall of Fame, won the 1976 Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. Earned $546,536 in 18 races.

Horse above is Air Forbes Won, Savannah’s father. Had a short racing career in the 80’s but earned $237,700 in only 7 runs.

Horse above is Poco Sam. Not interested in racing but is interested in butterflies, his mom’s every move and will stand on his head for peppermints.

Cassidy and Rebecca enjoying life away from the Pee Barns in Canada.

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