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Where’s My Mom?!

As an experiment yesterday, Shaila and I put the two babies in the small pasture and the moms in the big pasture. We wanted to see how each group would react to being separated for the very first time. Cassidy went to hang with Jingles and since they had hay to munch, neither cared very much. They also knew right where their babies were so I think that put them more at ease. Echo went into our pasture with Rebecca. Rebecca was much more bold in her own domain. They sniffed and chased and looked confused. Unfortunately, it began raining so we all took cover under the tent. All in all, it went smoothly. They were separated for about an hour. We plan on doing this at least every other day this week and increase the times. When we were ready to put moms and babies back together the babies were whinnying and ready for a drink! Moms weren’t all that thrilled…

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