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Equine Exodus

Entering into our 4th day of non-stop rain, we horse people decided something had to give. Trish had gotten permission to evacuate the horses over to the empty equestrian estate if necessary. It was now necessary. Cassy’s pasture had standing puddles and slop no matter where she tried to rest. Her tent was somehow still holding up but it wasn’t offering much protection from the sideways rain. So, we walked 9 horses and trailered 2 across the street early this morning. How easy is it to stop traffic on a busy road? Pretty easy when you have horses with you! If you watched this week’s CassidyCam you saw our tour of this place.

It’s a big barn with a wide center aisle. I think there are 11 stalls in all. We had the babies in with the mommas so we are occupying 7 of them. You can see Belle there on the right. She’s a yearling and half-sister to Echo.

One half of the barn has attached paddocks. Here Teddy and Prince are getting used to the new digs. Prince was upset and whinnying anytime Ted was out of his site. He did finally calm down.

Since Cassidy would find it very tempting to eat a barn, I picked the stall least likely for her to be able to chew through. She also has a liking for bedding shavings and this stall has gravel underneath. She wouldn’t eat gravel would she? So, this is where our girls are bunking it for the near future.

My poor little Scion has really been taking a beating since horses have joined our family. It was already having to deal with carting dogs around, now it has to haul hay. Messy stuff!

My car isn’t the only thing messy these days. I have spent this entire week soaked 2x a day. You can see my boots are drenched and my jeans were falling off from the weight of the water.

Not a very happy girl, but a determined girl! Have to make my big ladies comfy and give them a chance to dry out. You can see the water droplets on my head. Ain’t that quaint?! I’m sure Cass hasn’t slept for the past 3 nights and if you can’t tell by my face – I haven’t, either.

Big Boy Echo took his first trailer ride to get to his hotel. He’s just learning how to lead so it wasn’t safe to try to walk him. His mom, Jingles jumped right into the trailer, but we had to get a rope around his butt and practically lift him up into it. We were all very proud of our little man!

Cassidy is checking out her bedding to see if it’s edible …

Oh, what’s that?! Hay is up here…mmmmm, chomp, chomp, chomp …

Big Baby B finds the dutch door in her exploring.

She is such a wild thang! Thanks to the rain, her mane has become a ‘fro.

She thinks this is cool …

She thinks her daddy needs to buy this place …

I wasn’t even sure what day it was today, but after a long morning of moving horses and hauling supplies it was nice to spend the afternoon alone in the barn with Cass & Becca. No one could even call me because of my broken cell phone. They were actually dried when I got back to them mid-afternoon. I brushed them out and put on some natural antiseptic to try to halt any rain rot that may try to take hold. I talked to them about all sorts of things. I read a horse magazine. I rearranged their things a couple times until I was satisfied. I hung out with Becca looking longingly at the house wishing it were ours. I watched the rain continue to pour and was glad they were safe and dry. To be continued …

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