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If I thought this morning was bad, this afternoon was even worse. Our lovely Ms. Fay stepped it up a bit and began pelting us with even more rain. Winds were kicking at around 40mph. It is almost 7pm and I haven’t even fed our dogs, yet, because they can’t go outside with the rain so bad. They usually eat late morning. I had to go get my midday dog walks in, I think only one actually went out and walked, and then I got to an evening client early to hang out and dry off – or so I thought.

When I got to PJ the Yorkie’s place, I was driving around the corner of the apartment complex parking lot and slammed into a pond. The whole parking lot was flooding. I almost got caught in it but I thought quickly enough to back up and rethink my plan. Sidewalks were overflowing, the grassy areas were underwater and many residents were going to be stuck. I decided to park my car out on the main road which happens to sit beside Lake Monroe in downtown Sanford. Earlier I had bought my new Gortex rain jacket so I knew my upper body would be ok. I hunkered down, locked the car and hoped it didn’t get stolen and then walked quite a distance to get to PJ. By the time I got there my great Gortex boots were wet because the standing water came up over them. I was supposed to be pet sitting PJ from tonight through Monday night. If things were this bad at 3:30 in the afternoon they were only going to get worse. I had to simply bring PJ with me.

I got his food, put on his harness and leash and we braved the whipping winds in our faces. The poor little guy was more soaked than me – he didn’t have a Gortex jacket. He is also heavy. I found this out about halfway to the car as I had to carry him or he would have floated away. As soon as we got to the car I put him on the grass and he went potty very nervously. Luckily I had towels in the car (which was still sitting there) so I tried to get him as cozy as possible. I had decided I would take him to board at my vet clinic and explain to his owners why I had to do so. We started off down hwy 17-92 and got caught up in school traffic. I decided to u-turn and try taking hwy 46, thinking it would be better since it was a bigger road. Well, I was wrong…it was flooded in many places! My little Scion trudged through water almost up to our doors, poor PJ was panting by my side and I was holding back tears. You see, if I got stuck I couldn’t even call for help because I had gotten my cell phone wet at the barn and it was dead. Scottie will not let me forget that for some time to come.

PJ and I made it the 7 or so miles to I-4 and prayed we would be ok on it. There wasn’t standing water but everyone was driving about 25 mph with their blinkers on. PJ and I looked at each other and held on. We had about 15 miles to go to get to the vet clinic. I talked to PJ and kept telling him he was a good boy. He kept giving me looks like I was a crazy person. He didn’t believe me. After what seemed like an excruciatingly long time we pulled up to the vet clinic. I had not been able to call to have them ready for me (because my cell is dead) so they were surprised to see me. When I walked in the door, Christine asked – Kathleen, are you alright?! I must have looked like a drowned rat carrying a drowned rat! At least my jacket kept my upper body dry, the rest of me was squishing. I got PJ all checked in and he was going to get the spa treatment before being put to bed.

I only had a 2 mile drive from the clinic to make it home. Part of our privacy fence is down, the back porch is completely wet, along with the bunnies and birds. I called PJ’s owners explained what happened. They trusted my judgment, whew. I called Trish (after having to hunt her number down because it’s in my dead phone!) and left her the message that I couldn’t make it back to feed the horses dinner. I was just too scared to go back out. If Fay is still messing with us tomorrow, Pookie Bros. Pet Sitting may have another rare day off. Now that I’ve had a hot shower, it’s time for a glass of wine.

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Drenched To The Bone

This was a real sucky morning for all of us at the barn. Fay has kept the rain coming non-stop. She is stationary over top of the state and is not moving anytime soon. Cass & Becca can’t even stay dry under their tent (which is still standing strong) because it is raining sideways at times. We gave the girls their food and then I went to help in the barn. I went to check on them a bit later and Becca had eaten all her food but Cassy’s bucket was about half full with water and her not-eaten food was floating! Her bucket hangs under the tent but I guess water was streaming in just right. I went in and held the bucket for her after draining as much water off as I could. She didn’t finish it but she was eating her hay. She looks exhausted. I know she hasn’t been sleeping the past few nights. Becca doesn’t mind so much, she’ll even lay right down in the mud like nothing is different. She’s supposed to be getting her first set of vaccines tomorrow but I’m gonna cancel that. Too much stress right now to make her body deal with vaccines. We can hold off until next week. I got soaked through my rain jacket and clothes. Just my feet were dry – thanks to my Gortex boots! I will be stopping at Travel Country to get a better rain jacket before I start my afternoon today. My stomach has just been doing somersaults all week…

This photo shows the rain pouring off the tent – which is right where her food bucket normally hangs.

You can see the rain water overflowing the water barrel…

Rosie and Strawberry are trying to stay dry under the trees. You can see the rain coming down…

One more check of my girls on my way out…Big Baby B doesn’t mind the mud so much!

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Just a quick update before I head off to bed. Rebecca & Cassidy are back in their own pasture now. They are soaked to the bone and I wanted them to be able to get under their tent. It handled the tropical storm fine. All around us is flooding. We should be ok but this rain doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon. Fay is coming back over the state tomorrow. The beaches are taking a pounding. I hear that baby sea turtles are being washed away.  At least it’s a bit cool and not so awfully hot. Big Baby B will be getting her first vaccine friday morning from Dr. Cichra. I’ve been dreading doing this but I know it has to be done. We’re also going to do a lameness check on Cass to see if we can pinpoint the weakness in her backend. Ok, off to bed!

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