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The news this early morning (6am) says this crazy Tropical Storm Fay is gonna hug the east coast for the day, basically moving up I-95. They expect it to make landfall again tomorrow morning near Flagler Beach where it will cause trouble once again. So, it doesn’t look like the girls can move back to their own digs. We still have big threats for tornadoes and flooding. I’ll be making my way to the barn shortly and pray all is well. I found my heavy duty Gortex boots, I have my rain jacket and hat – so bring it on Fay!

(The photos are from last night as we prepared all the equines to ride out Fay.)

Echo wonders what the heck all the fuss is about!

Hand feeding was done to assure everyone got their own meal…Cass never even came up for air!

This is Shaila’s custom hay rack she had built for her horses. My girls are learning to share with them. They’ve seen hay being put in it from their pasture so they didn’t take long to figure it out.

The other equine family on their side…

Maybe I’m not as worried as I look? Cass sure isn’t worrying about much when there’s food…

Our girls are set for the night. Now it’s time to ready the rest of the farm…

Ever see a Tropical Storm sky?

Scottie and I are trying to be upbeat!

Bear, the labrador, is trying to make sure everything is cool with his charges…

It’s sinking in now, the storm is here. That’s a worrisome sky and those are worrisome horse owners.

Gayle, Sam’s mom, wonders if we can all fit in her spare bedroom…

The horses are Strawberry & Rosie (who’s in her late 20’s) the people are Benito and Trish, barn owners. They were keeping calm & collected but I know they are very worried about all of us.

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Still Stormy

Fay has slowed down to a crawl. We finally started getting some serious rain this evening… now they think she’ll eventually go out to sea, and then come back and hit us again! The girls are in for a long couple of nights.

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