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With Tropical Storm Fay about to hit us this afternoon, we moved Cassidy and Rebecca into the larger pasture with Jingles and Echo. It went very smoothly. We took hay in to keep Cass occupied and Jingles was already working on her hay. The babies took a few minutes to realize they were together but they were both brave and even touched noses. Each momma ran off the other baby at one point or another. The mares seem fine together. When Jingles approaches, Cass slowly walks into the other direction. She’s not going to expend any unnecessary energy! We moved them together around 8:30am. I left to go care for the rest of our animals around 11am. Cass kept asking me if things were alright and I assured her they were going to be fine. I went back at 12:30pm and we gave them hay in the big hay rack. Each mom and baby lined up on each side and went to chewing. It was a race between Cass and Jingles to see who could get more. It’s now going on 3pm and the storm is showing up. We’ve got winds and the weird light tropical rains. The worst is coming tonight so I’m glad the families have had the time during the day to bond.

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The August 18th edition of the CassidyCam Weekly Webcast is available for viewing. Find out what the plan is for protecting the big girls from an impending tropical storm, and get a sneak peek at a place where we might live (one day)!

Don’t forget, you can watch the Weekly Webcast live every Monday night at 7pm Eastern (Florida) time. All previous shows are just a click away, directly below the main viewer window.

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