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Here She Comes

Now it’s gonna move right over the top of us!!!

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Big Baby B!

Well, our big girl turned 3 months old yesterday. We celebrated by getting an ID tag on her halter in preparation for the hurricane that’s gonna hit us tomorrow. She is getting so big I had to buy her a yearling halter because she’s just about outgrown the one she’s had. I put the tag on the old one because it is a little snug and less likely to get caught on something during the storm. Momma Cass got 2 new break-away halters, one is lavender and one in purple. She has an ID tag on hers, too.

I did measuring and weights on both girls. Big Baby B (Becca) is now weighing in at about 350 lbs. and is over 12 hands high. Cassidy has lost some weight and is down to about 820 lbs. We’re going to have to keep an eye on that. I can’t let baby drain her too much. Cassidy is already beginning to stop her from nursing sometimes. I may have to speed up the process if Cassy needs me to.

She is a good momma but we won’t risk her health. Rebecca is eating very well on her own with her grain and hay, so she would be ok if we stopped the milk.

Becca also got a new, heavier lead rope. She is strong and the small, pony rope I have had for her was slipping too easy. This new one is much better. I have a feeling Becca is going to outgrow her momma fairly quickly!

With Cassidy’s new halters, I went to the small or cob size. They fit well. With all her hair gone, her halter became loose. The storm coming was all the excuse I needed to go shopping! Doesn’t she look pretty? The part around her head being leather will allow it to break if she would get caught on something. There are buckles on both sides, too.

Cass has probably never had a baby with her this long before. I’m not sure of the time frame of when they pull them but I think it’s usually around 2 months. I hope she doesn’t start getting too frustrated with her since Big Baby B’s not going anywhere.

I am sure Cassidy knows she is #1!

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We had a scary bunch of clouds roll through Saturday evening, so of course Scottie saw it as a photo opportunity. It ended up looking worse than it really was… just a bit of heavy rain and a little wind. I guess you could call it a “warm up act” for the big show we’re expecting on Tuesday, a tropical storm named Fay (which will likely be a full-fledged hurricane by the time she arrives). Imagine the above image lasting for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, with rain coming down sideways, wind whipping over 50mph and a general feeling of dread as you try to wait it all out. Right about now, Cassidy is probably thinking twice about leaving Canada!

The red X is where we are. Unfortunately, that’s on the right-hand side of the storm, which is where you get the most chance of tornadoes developing. The black line is where they think it will go, and the white area is the “cone of probability” which is to say it could also head anywhere in that range.

The path has shifted back and forth over the past few days. Not unusual, as predicting where these things will go is not easy. I don’t have to keep up with it, I have Scottie for that. He grew up here and fancies himself a junior meteorologist, so he’s always on top of the latest projections. I’m sure he’ll give everyone a lesson in tropical cyclones on tomorrow’s CassidyCam while I feverishly get the girls ready for their first hurricane. What fun!

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