Archive for August 11th, 2008

Baby Becca is now officially eating apple slices. She had her first taste this weekend. I stopped by Saturday evening to give Cassidy a snack since I would be missing her actual dinner time. Rebecca came up with her momma so I offered her a slice and she savored it. It’s funny, Cass gets a bit miffed to see Becca getting treats. I have to be sure to give hers first, then Becca’s.

Have I mentioned how much I adore Cassidy? I love Rebecca, too, everyone does, but there is just really something special about our Cassidy April. Hearing her whinny when I drive up lifts my spirits no matter how down they may be. I feel honored to know she trusts me and may even love me, too. We still can’t believe we have a horse – much less two! Cassidy is exactly how I hoped things could be someday. Now we just have to get a place where she can be in our own backyard. Sigh.

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