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Savannah (21 year old mare) is actually Just Aired. She raced 60 times and earned $66,523. She went on to be a broodmare after racing and had 2 foals by Risen Star. One of her foals earned over $220,000 in just 25 starts. Savannah is a granddaughter of 1976 Kentucky Derby winner Bold Forbes. Her great-great grandfather is Bold Ruler. She has royal racing blood running through those veins. So, how does a horse such as this end up being starved at the end of a dirt road in Eustis, FL?

The vet was out yesterday and examined both momma and baby. Trish has to stop Delilah from nursing. Savannah is rated a 2.5 on the scale, with 0 being totally emaciated and 10 being obese. A normal horse should be in the range of 5-6. Savannah has some behaviors going on that we hope clear up once she is eating regularly and feeling better. She is cribbing and she weaves back and forth. Both of these are only seen when she is in the barn during the day. Trish is keeping her in during the day so she can conserve what little energy she has. She and Delilah are out to graze in one of the big pastures during the night. Savannah needs to eat and get TLC. Delilah had about 50 cc’s of fluid drained off one of her knees. We are hoping it was trauma related and will go back to normal. She does have a chip of cartilage floating around the joint, which may require surgery. It’s a wait and see situation. She was put on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. She is about 50 pounds underweight as compared to her momma being about 400 pounds underweight. She has a good momma and that is why she is not in as bad a shape. Now that these girls have been given a chance at life, let’s pray they can heal physically and emotionally.

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