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Yesterday afternoon I had a couple hours in between clients, so I went to the barn and got the girls out to graze. Trish’s horses, Teddy & Prince, were out in the grassy area so I thought this would be a good test for Cassidy. She’s only ever been out with the other momma horse and baby. Teddy & Prince are both nice, well-behaved geldings so I though things should be fine – as long as they listened to her.

Prince noticed the girls first and began following them at a safe distance. Rebecca Maye was very curious about him, but scared at the same time. When Prince got close enough to take a good whiff of Cassy’s butt, she whirled around quicker than you could say Boo! He decided it wasn’t important enough to try to sniff anymore. He turned his attentions to Rebecca. That wasn’t any better for the old man. Cassidy gave a slight charge and told him to back off from her baby. Teddy had been halfway watching things from a distance and he didn’t even try to come near them. The other horses all came to the front of their pasture fences to see what was going on but Cassidy wasn’t worried about them.

A couple times Rebecca got a little far from Cassidy and the boys would try to sniff her then but she would quickly run back to safety. At one point Cass noticed the gate to a pasture open and she walked inside. What did she do? Checked the feed buckets, of course! Rebecca lost sight of her when she went in there and she ran crazy looking for her and calling to her. Cass came trodding out and all was well then. Cassidy definitely had the upper hoof on the two boys. Watching their instincts at work is amazing. My girls definitely love one another.

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