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On Monday I got brave and trimmed Rebecca’s mane so she would look like a respectable Fjordhorse filly. Her daddy held her and I used newly purchased scissors to snip the ends off. It is standing up just like it’s supposed to and it looks TOUGH!!!! It is very cool, to say the least. I really want to cut Cassidy’s mane but Scottie is giving me a hard time about it. He compromised by saying it was ok to cut the baby’s. In the photos you can see the contrast between mother and daughter. Don’t tell Scottie, but I trimmed the ends off Cassidy’s yesterday! She has just a ton of hair – you can’t even tell I did anything.

Tomorrow our baby turns 2 months old. I’m taking a fecal sample into the vet for them to check for parasites. Hopefully, it will be negative and I won’t have to give her any worming medicine. She is certainly growing. She and momma are eating lots and lots of hay (more than all the other horses) because they don’t have any grass to graze on a regular basis.

For about the past week we’ve had rain daily. Rebecca is a mud lover. She is so full of mischief. I can have her perfectly groomed in the morning and when I get there for dinner she has mud from head to tail. She always looks quite content. Momma usually hangs out in the tent when it’s raining. Thank goodness they don’t seem to mind our Florida thunderstorms.

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