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Fjord of the Flies

(I apologize for having so much time in between posts.)

Embarking into the world of horses has made one thing perfectly clear – it is all out war on flies! They really bother my two big girls. Cassidy is good at stomping them away and she has so much hair she is her own fly mask, but they are still a problem. I’ve gone through a few different fly sprays until I found one I’m happy using. I don’t want to use anything with pesticides and that’s not easy to find. Even a lot of the supposed home made natural fly sprays call for a regular fly spray in the mixture. The one I use is based from marigolds and it seems to do alright. It smells wonderful. Cassidy is good now about me spraying her and the baby has behaved since day one. I spray them as often as I see them really stomping their feet at the buggers.

Cassidy’s forelock before it was trimmed…

Another discovery I found is a fly trap that really works! It stinks to high Heaven but it gets the bugs dead in no time at all. I found it in a catalog called Solutions. It was under $20, is non-toxic and really makes a difference in her pasture. Since she’s no longer in the barn, I am able to control things better for her with keeping the pasture poop picked up and keeping the trap out. Where there is poop there are flies.

See the trap hanging from the tree…

Dead flies and maggots…gross…this was the first trap.

Closeup…more gross! Some non-fly bugs did get trapped, too, but they should have paid attention to where they were going. The greenish things you see are eyeballs!


The three bunnies are now living together in harmony. We took the two new ones to our vet and he determined they were both females so we had no worries of baby buns. The fur was flying for a while, though. Yes, bunnies fight! Now, they all three lay together and groom – it’s nice to see.


Rebecca is now 7 weeks old and she is simply a joy. She’s eating from a bucket like a big horse. She does still nurse and will for a few more months, but is also getting grain and hay. She likes being hosed off during our hot afternoons. She loves coming out to the grassy area and graze and run, but she has yet to really play with Echoe, the other baby. He has tried and she runs from him. They’ll work it out. She has twice now been scared by two different farriers. It was nothing that they did wrong. She is just not used to anyone else being in the pasture with her, I guess.  I’m going to try to work on that.

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