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Savannah (21 year old mare) is actually Just Aired. She raced 60 times and earned $66,523. She went on to be a broodmare after racing and had 2 foals by Risen Star. One of her foals earned over $220,000 in just 25 starts. Savannah is a granddaughter of 1976 Kentucky Derby winner Bold Forbes. Her great-great grandfather is Bold Ruler. She has royal racing blood running through those veins. So, how does a horse such as this end up being starved at the end of a dirt road in Eustis, FL?

The vet was out yesterday and examined both momma and baby. Trish has to stop Delilah from nursing. Savannah is rated a 2.5 on the scale, with 0 being totally emaciated and 10 being obese. A normal horse should be in the range of 5-6. Savannah has some behaviors going on that we hope clear up once she is eating regularly and feeling better. She is cribbing and she weaves back and forth. Both of these are only seen when she is in the barn during the day. Trish is keeping her in during the day so she can conserve what little energy she has. She and Delilah are out to graze in one of the big pastures during the night. Savannah needs to eat and get TLC. Delilah had about 50 cc’s of fluid drained off one of her knees. We are hoping it was trauma related and will go back to normal. She does have a chip of cartilage floating around the joint, which may require surgery. It’s a wait and see situation. She was put on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. She is about 50 pounds underweight as compared to her momma being about 400 pounds underweight. She has a good momma and that is why she is not in as bad a shape. Now that these girls have been given a chance at life, let’s pray they can heal physically and emotionally.

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The July 28th edition of the CassidyCam Weekly Webcast is available for viewing. We take a break from our girls to meet two rescue horses that arrived at the barn over the weekend. Momma (Savannah) and baby (Delilah) are both bags of bones:

Don’t forget, you can watch the Weekly Webcast live every Monday night at 7pm Eastern (Florida) time. All previous shows are just a click away, directly below the main viewer window.

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Bath Day

The big girls are getting a bit suspicious…

Rebecca Maye is definitely interested…

Mmmm, bath water is yummy!

What is better than a good roll in the mud after getting all soaped up and shiny clean?!

WhooHooo!!!!!! Rebecca did a great job, don’t you think?

Momma Cassidy was not thrilled with being hosed off and bathed but she was a good girl for it.

Nap time was overdue…

One more look at the dirty baby – after the bath!

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The July 21st edition of the CassidyCam Weekly Webcast is available for viewing. Becca’s coat has grown in again, and she’s been sweating in the Florida heat. So it’s time for a shave!

Don’t forget, you can watch the Weekly Webcast live every Monday night at 7pm Eastern (Florida) time. All previous shows are just a click away, directly below the main viewer window.

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Yesterday afternoon I had a couple hours in between clients, so I went to the barn and got the girls out to graze. Trish’s horses, Teddy & Prince, were out in the grassy area so I thought this would be a good test for Cassidy. She’s only ever been out with the other momma horse and baby. Teddy & Prince are both nice, well-behaved geldings so I though things should be fine – as long as they listened to her.

Prince noticed the girls first and began following them at a safe distance. Rebecca Maye was very curious about him, but scared at the same time. When Prince got close enough to take a good whiff of Cassy’s butt, she whirled around quicker than you could say Boo! He decided it wasn’t important enough to try to sniff anymore. He turned his attentions to Rebecca. That wasn’t any better for the old man. Cassidy gave a slight charge and told him to back off from her baby. Teddy had been halfway watching things from a distance and he didn’t even try to come near them. The other horses all came to the front of their pasture fences to see what was going on but Cassidy wasn’t worried about them.

A couple times Rebecca got a little far from Cassidy and the boys would try to sniff her then but she would quickly run back to safety. At one point Cass noticed the gate to a pasture open and she walked inside. What did she do? Checked the feed buckets, of course! Rebecca lost sight of her when she went in there and she ran crazy looking for her and calling to her. Cass came trodding out and all was well then. Cassidy definitely had the upper hoof on the two boys. Watching their instincts at work is amazing. My girls definitely love one another.

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On Monday I got brave and trimmed Rebecca’s mane so she would look like a respectable Fjordhorse filly. Her daddy held her and I used newly purchased scissors to snip the ends off. It is standing up just like it’s supposed to and it looks TOUGH!!!! It is very cool, to say the least. I really want to cut Cassidy’s mane but Scottie is giving me a hard time about it. He compromised by saying it was ok to cut the baby’s. In the photos you can see the contrast between mother and daughter. Don’t tell Scottie, but I trimmed the ends off Cassidy’s yesterday! She has just a ton of hair – you can’t even tell I did anything.

Tomorrow our baby turns 2 months old. I’m taking a fecal sample into the vet for them to check for parasites. Hopefully, it will be negative and I won’t have to give her any worming medicine. She is certainly growing. She and momma are eating lots and lots of hay (more than all the other horses) because they don’t have any grass to graze on a regular basis.

For about the past week we’ve had rain daily. Rebecca is a mud lover. She is so full of mischief. I can have her perfectly groomed in the morning and when I get there for dinner she has mud from head to tail. She always looks quite content. Momma usually hangs out in the tent when it’s raining. Thank goodness they don’t seem to mind our Florida thunderstorms.

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Fjord of the Flies

(I apologize for having so much time in between posts.)

Embarking into the world of horses has made one thing perfectly clear – it is all out war on flies! They really bother my two big girls. Cassidy is good at stomping them away and she has so much hair she is her own fly mask, but they are still a problem. I’ve gone through a few different fly sprays until I found one I’m happy using. I don’t want to use anything with pesticides and that’s not easy to find. Even a lot of the supposed home made natural fly sprays call for a regular fly spray in the mixture. The one I use is based from marigolds and it seems to do alright. It smells wonderful. Cassidy is good now about me spraying her and the baby has behaved since day one. I spray them as often as I see them really stomping their feet at the buggers.

Cassidy’s forelock before it was trimmed…

Another discovery I found is a fly trap that really works! It stinks to high Heaven but it gets the bugs dead in no time at all. I found it in a catalog called Solutions. It was under $20, is non-toxic and really makes a difference in her pasture. Since she’s no longer in the barn, I am able to control things better for her with keeping the pasture poop picked up and keeping the trap out. Where there is poop there are flies.

See the trap hanging from the tree…

Dead flies and maggots…gross…this was the first trap.

Closeup…more gross! Some non-fly bugs did get trapped, too, but they should have paid attention to where they were going. The greenish things you see are eyeballs!


The three bunnies are now living together in harmony. We took the two new ones to our vet and he determined they were both females so we had no worries of baby buns. The fur was flying for a while, though. Yes, bunnies fight! Now, they all three lay together and groom – it’s nice to see.


Rebecca is now 7 weeks old and she is simply a joy. She’s eating from a bucket like a big horse. She does still nurse and will for a few more months, but is also getting grain and hay. She likes being hosed off during our hot afternoons. She loves coming out to the grassy area and graze and run, but she has yet to really play with Echoe, the other baby. He has tried and she runs from him. They’ll work it out. She has twice now been scared by two different farriers. It was nothing that they did wrong. She is just not used to anyone else being in the pasture with her, I guess.  I’m going to try to work on that.

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