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Making Friends…

Yesterday was a big day for our big girls. We turned them out for the first time with the other mare and baby! I will admit I was nervous, not sure how the momma’s would get along, but they did fine. It only took about 5 minutes and I was comfortable enough to let them off their lead ropes. Cassidy and Jingles were both intent on eating the grass and Rebecca and Echo ran around. My two girls are sort of loners, so they kept to themselves. Cassidy never had a problem with Jingles but she did snap at a couple of the other horses when they approached their fence to see what they were doing. We had hoped the babies would play but they didn’t. Echo was busy a lot of the time flirting with the other horses. Rebecca loves to run and she just made sure she knew where mom was at all times. They were able to be out grazing for almost 2 hours. We plan on making this a regular thing so the babies can get used to one another.

Today we spent a couple hours with Leslie, a natural horse trainer (http://www.partnerup.net/). She came out the week Cassidy arrived from Canada and was impressed with her then. Meeting the baby today just put her over the top. She helped me work Cassidy’s feet since I still have trouble getting her to lift them for me. We worked her in the round pen and she sure looks pretty moving! Leslie says she is very intelligent and it only takes her one time to learn something. I have homework in working with her feet and getting her to move for me in the pasture. It’s too bad Leslie’s place is so far away. It is a good hour drive. Cassidy may be sent there alone for one on one training, I’m still pondering it.

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