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One Month Old

With Rebecca Maye turning 1 month old this weekend (and giving wonderful babyhorse kisses) I felt it appropriate to tell the story of her birth. We were on pins and needles for 12 nights as we held the CassidyCam Baby Watch. We were all getting tired and frustrated. Saturday, May 17th felt like every other day as I approached the barn at 7am time to turn off the camera. As soon as I walked up to her stall I knew something was different. Cassidy was giving me a hurried look – like hurry up and get my breakfast before something happens! I called Scottie and told him he needed to get there asap. Of course, he didn’t believe me because we’d been on this baby watch for so long, but I stressed to him, get here!

As Gayle walked up I ran to meet her and tell her I thought this might be the day. We both saw Cassidy go down. We ran to the stall and she got right back up. I hurried up and got her breakfast ready and put it in her feeder. She dunked her head in and began eating in a hurry. By this time, Trish came out and we were both in the stall with her. As she was getting ready to lift Cassidy’s tail to check on things a massive contraction hit her and practically lifted her off her feet. We all held our breath for about 30 seconds – then Cassidy finished eating. As soon as she was done she told me she wanted out of the stall. I was in a dilemma because so many people had invested themselves emotionally into this mare having her baby and now she was telling me no cameras. I knew Scottie was going to kill me but I had to listen to my horse.

Trish and I haltered her up and started the short walk around the barn and into her pasture. A few steps out of the doorway she started to go down again but we stopped her and kept her moving. Her water broke as we were walking. We both just kept talking to her and telling her to hold on. From all the reading I’d been doing I knew I had at least 30 to 45 minutes after the water breaks before the baby comes out. We got her into the pasture, she walked about 10 steps and laid down on her side. Contractions were coming like crazy. Trish ran to the house to get her camera, I ran to the barn to get my medical emergency kit and Gayle was left to watch the action.

I ran back and stood in awe – there were legs coming out of Cassidy’s backside! This was happening too fast! The water had only just broken! Gayle and I looked at each other and back at Cassidy and then the entire baby just slid out easy as you please. The sack did not break off her little head. I don’t remember if it was Gayle or Trish but someone told me to get in there and help her. I didn’t even put my gloves on. I walked up to the baby, grabbed the slippery sack and broke it off her precious nose with Cassidy looking back at me. Rebecca took her first breath as we looked at one another. Cassidy immediately stood up and began cleaning her new charge. I was hoping she would rest a little longer but momma knows best. I got out of the way.

By this time, Scottie pulled up and hauled butt to the barn to get the webcam. I knew I was in trouble but I didn’t care. Cassidy wanted this to be her moment, not to share it with the world. He started filming about 5 minutes after she was born. The whole process from me knowing she was in labor to the baby being born was all of 20 minutes. From the time she laid down in the pasture it was under 5 minutes for her to get business done. Obviously, she was a pro. The rest of the morning is pretty much a blur. I was on and off the phone with 2 veterinarians. Our main vet was even trying to run a marathon and kept calling to check on things. It took Rebecca Maye 2 hours to nurse. We were getting frantic about it and now I know I didn’t need to be. She ended up being able to nurse once I milked momma and sort of got things going. Cassidy was a dream through the whole thing. She was nervous and protective but not a threat.

We are now one month down the road of this adventure and I see only good things to come. What a dream come true to not only have the horse I’ve always wanted in Cassidy, but also her perfect daughter, Rebecca Maye. They will be able to spend the rest of their lives together with Scottie and me.

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