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With Cassidy on the mend, the last bit of work we needed to do was have her teeth “floated”. This is a process where her veterinarian, Dr. Cichra, filed down sharp points that had formed on her teeth. This was causing her unnecessary discomfort. We had noticed she had points when she first came to us in Feb. but knew we needed to wait to address them until after the baby came. Horses teeth grow throughout their lifetime and the natural act of all day grazing should keep the teeth worn down properly. But, our domestication lifestyle, processed foods and hay and the lack of real grazing has made it impossible for them to wear their teeth as nature intended. This is why it is essential to have their teeth checked yearly by their equine vet. As you can tell by the pics, heavy sedation is involved. It was crazy how she never quit standing. We let Rebecca Maye play around the barn and mom only got upset when she heard her whinny a few times. Cass is now feeling good, pooping good and eating good – whooohoooo!

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