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In trying to get our girl to feel better, I went back to basics with her diet and went to the unconventional. She had acupuncture done and she liked it! I don’t understand all the exact terms and things with Chinese medicine, I only know I’ve seen it work. Dr. Beth Carson came highly recommended by my canine holistic veterinarian. She and Cassidy made friends right away. We were all pleased with how calm and behaved she and the baby were during the session. She only flinched when she was putting a needle in the side of her mouth but we had already determined she has some dental pain. (She’s getting her teeth floated tomorrow.) The doctor was even able to hook up electrodes to the needles for a little extra umph – usually a horse has to have a few sessions before they allow that. It is so good to see our beautiful girl feeling better. We were very worried about her.

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