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One of the ladies on my broodmares list said something that made me stop to think. “These horses are used to existing solely on grass in subzero temperatures and we bring them here, roll out the red carpet, and they aren’t doing well”. What would the Wizard say? He would say, go back to basics, what is she used to? With Cassidy on the mend, I took a trip to the feed store in search of her “yellow brick road” – Canadian Timothy Hay. I also realized the heat was doing a number on HER now that the baby was adjusting to it. She was gonna have to let me hose her off in the heat of the day. I certainly don’t want her thinking “there’s no place like home” with home being Canada!

The boys at the feed store know me now and they also know I’d been keeping my eye on a couple of bunnies they were trying to sell. I have a soft spot for buns. It probably stems from trying to redeem myself from having a rabbit fur jacket when I was kid! Our 1st bun, Starsky, was a class bun the teacher was going to set “free” when school let out. The 2nd bun, Hef, was at the shelter, as was Flip-Flop, the 3rd bun. Hue, our current bun, I took out of the arms of heathen children at this same feed store about 5 years ago while we were having all those hurricanes.

This pair of bunnies had been moved into the back of the store since the last time I’d been there. I sighed and walked away knowing I sure didn’t need something else to worry about right now and tried to not think about them going for snake food. And it’s just wrong to buy bunnies when there are bunnies out there in shelters. I found a beautiful bale of Canadian Timothy and a couple bales of Timothy, Oat & Alfalfa. The Timothy would be considered the prime rib and the other was on sale because it was the 3rd cut and they wouldn’t be getting anymore, more of a burger. The things one learns when they become a horse owner! I went to the counter to pay for the hay and stupidly asked what deal would they give me if I took the two bunnies together. The next thing I know, the buns are in a box on the counter and I’m paying for them! Well, Ramirez (16 year minpin) would be extremely pleased to have a couple bun babies, he’s very maternal. Hue has been alone for a while now, since Hef died. See the rationalizing? Scottie didn’t scold me much – that will come later.

The buns are a breed called Lionhead Rabbits and they will require more grooming than a regular bunny. They sure are cute – and they don’t make any noise, a plus in our house!

Then I proceed to drive my little Scion XB to the barn with a back full of hay. Did I mention I’m actually allergic to hay? Having so much in such close proximity did a number on my nasal passages. I sneezed about a million times before pulling up to the pasture in my usual spot. I called Trish to let her know I was there and needed to unload some stuff. She got her dog in and I was able to open the gate and drive up to the barn instead of using the wheel barrow to bring it. Well, in my exhaustion, allergy eyes and nose dripping I not only backed into the barnyard but into a tree! Crunch!

Yep, I’m a dumbass…not all the time…but that waaaas dumb. I have a good amount of damage to my bumper (see where it all fits in now?) and I will never live this down as long as my husband is around to tell me about it.

The lesson in all this is – I need a pickup truck to go along with my horse. AAAHHHCHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! BTW, Ms. Canadian Cassidy April practically tore my arm off to get to the Timothy Hay. As long as she’s happy…

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