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Going into night #5 of the CassidyCam BabyWatch, Scottie called The Philips Phile yesterday to see if it was okay to use their famous Macaroni & Cheese/A1 Steaksauce recipe for inducing labor. Jim told him it only works for human mommies… not a good idea to try it on a horse. He then offered this secret mixture, known only to a few experts in the equine world:

– 1 pack of Starbrite mints (red and white only!)

– 1 small box of light green Tic Tacs

– 1 fresh carrot

She’s supposed to eat them in this order… a piece of carrot, a Starbrite, another piece of carrot, two Tic Tacs (one at a time), another piece of carrot, two Starbrites, another piece of carrot, and finally one last Tic Tac. If after a bit of time she’s still not ready, we can add half of an oatmeal cookie without raisins. He really cautioned us on the cookie not having any raisins. Jim said we would see a certain look in her eye if it was working or not. We are all getting so sleep deprived from watching the CassidyCam, I’m going shopping and then we’re gonna see how fresh we get her horsey breath! We’re counting on the wise, Jim Philips, so keep watch for a baby soon.

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By popular request, here’s the song Scottie performed in front of the CassidyCam last night:

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That’s what our cowdog, Eva, said this morning. I did my usual trek to the barn after an uneventful night watching the CassidyCam. I wanted to do a small grooming on my big girl so I thought I’d just pull my car up beside the pasture fence and leave my radio on. I hitched Eva to the back and she found a stick to toss around close enough to keep her eye on things. I cleaned up Cassidy April, picked up piles of poo, made a few phone calls – all to a nice Cool Country soundtrack coming from my car XM Radio.

It was nearing time to head home so I kissed Cass and put Eva in the car. Sat in the drivers seat, started the car – and nothing. Tried again, nothing. I had run my battery down! I called AAA and they were there to rescue me within a half and hour. The nice guy said these new cars can’t have the radio running like that. It’s as if the whole car is on. (I’ll also admit, I listened to talk radio the other afternoon for about an hour when I was sitting with Cassidy on baby watch.) I seem to remember back in the good ol’ days we could have the radio on in our cars and it was fine. Hurmph! So, Eva says, “I’m with Stupid!”

*Don’t forget to watch the CassidyCam tonight starting at 7pm Eastern!!!!!!

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Finally… we have live video (with sound) so we can keep an eye on our big girl overnight. Click here to see it, or go to the “CassidyCam” tab at the top of the page.

Scottie was pulling his hair out this afternoon, trying to make the whole thing run on an old PC desktop he had sitting around. Something went screwy with it, so he decided to just use his laptop instead. He has it with him during the day, using the wireless card to stay online while out on the road. So each night after he’s done petsitting, he’ll bring it to the barn and hook it up to the camera. I doubt he’ll have to worry about it for long… I really think she’s going to have the baby any day now. But we’ll have the camera running every night until it happens.

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Gimme Shelter

We spent the weekend getting Cassidy’s condo set up in the pasture.  My man came through for me – as usual. Scottie ventured to the barn Saturday morning after his pet sitting rounds and began getting the thing put together. Eva the cowdog was on hand to supervise. We finished it up on Sunday by moving it into the pasture (should have put it together in there!) and getting it on it’s legs. Used the straps for tying it down to the fence and it’s fairly secure. We weren’t sure if Cassidy was going to be afraid of it or not, but she loves it! It may have gotten up just in time. This morning our big girl is showing some different behaviors and her bag is fuller. Maybe this baby is going to make his/her appearance soon!

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This was taken the first week of March. When Dr. Cichra first palpated Cassidy she couldn’t feel a baby – we weren’t sure if she was pregnant or not. Part of me was hoping she was and part was hoping she wasn’t. The next day she brought the ultrasound machine and as soon as she placed it in her, there she/he was! It looked like a bunch of squiggly lines to me but she said the photo is of the baby’s heartbeat. She also saw an eyeball but couldn’t determine the sex. I’m sort of hoping for a boy, but as long as it’s healthy and Cassidy is safe nothing else will matter.

I spoke with another Fjord owner today! She lives in a neighboring town, about 20 minutes away. She will be very helpful and has offered to clip her mane if that’s what I decide to do. Her first Fjord mare was also a rescue. She’s had them for 5 years now. I’m hoping she comes to meet her this weekend. She did warn me that the Fjordgirls don’t like to show signs of impending labor like other horses do. This baby could very well sneak up on us.

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I sure do love my husband. After a few attempts at getting a camera set up so we can keep an eye on our girl, Scottie has finally figured out what he needs to make it work. I have no clue when it comes to tech stuff, but the big problem was we couldn’t get an internet signal out to the stall. So he’s going to use his Sprint broadband card (whatever that is) to make it happen. He ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon tonight, including a fancy webcam that’s supposed to work well in low-light conditions. I hope it can see horses in the middle of the night! I really hope we can be there when she has the baby.

Oh, and Scottie has officially named this thing the CassidyCam. Stay tuned for info on how you can watch it.

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