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We have begun Day #9 of the Cassidy Baby Watch. She really began showing signs of getting down to the business of birthing this baby last Sunday – but no, not yet, she says! We have lots of new friends on-line who are now heavily invested in this event. Scottie & I thank you for helping us monitor her. It has allowed us to get some much needed sleep for a few hours each night. She may disappoint you all, though, and have it alone out in her pasture. I’m at the point where I just want it born, I don’t care who sees it or not. Yesterday, each time I approached the barn in my car, I said a little prayer – “please let me see a baby standing beside her!”. I am torn between wanting to be there for every moment and thinking she needs to be alone. I guess she is just going to have this on her own terms, no matter how we try to involve the rest of us.

The signs I saw with her this morning are: milk bag so full it can’t possibly get any fuller, but no waxing; jiggly butt & thighs; privates are loosey-goosey and elongated; the outline of the foal is visible on the bottom of her belly like he is just laying there happy as can be. I called Dr. Cichra yesterday because she was having a reddish slow drip from her privates. It is still there today. She said not to worry unless it gets worse and she begins to act sick. She is doing massive tail switching and lifting, pacing but also trying to nap. Today is a beautiful day for having a baby, easy breeze and not a lot of humidity. I will be checking on her a few times while out on pet sitting rounds. I hope she has it today, it’s back in the 90’s tomorrow.

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