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Going into night #5 of the CassidyCam BabyWatch, Scottie called The Philips Phile yesterday to see if it was okay to use their famous Macaroni & Cheese/A1 Steaksauce recipe for inducing labor. Jim told him it only works for human mommies… not a good idea to try it on a horse. He then offered this secret mixture, known only to a few experts in the equine world:

– 1 pack of Starbrite mints (red and white only!)

– 1 small box of light green Tic Tacs

– 1 fresh carrot

She’s supposed to eat them in this order… a piece of carrot, a Starbrite, another piece of carrot, two Tic Tacs (one at a time), another piece of carrot, two Starbrites, another piece of carrot, and finally one last Tic Tac. If after a bit of time she’s still not ready, we can add half of an oatmeal cookie without raisins. He really cautioned us on the cookie not having any raisins. Jim said we would see a certain look in her eye if it was working or not. We are all getting so sleep deprived from watching the CassidyCam, I’m going shopping and then we’re gonna see how fresh we get her horsey breath! We’re counting on the wise, Jim Philips, so keep watch for a baby soon.

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