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That’s what our cowdog, Eva, said this morning. I did my usual trek to the barn after an uneventful night watching the CassidyCam. I wanted to do a small grooming on my big girl so I thought I’d just pull my car up beside the pasture fence and leave my radio on. I hitched Eva to the back and she found a stick to toss around close enough to keep her eye on things. I cleaned up Cassidy April, picked up piles of poo, made a few phone calls – all to a nice Cool Country soundtrack coming from my car XM Radio.

It was nearing time to head home so I kissed Cass and put Eva in the car. Sat in the drivers seat, started the car – and nothing. Tried again, nothing. I had run my battery down! I called AAA and they were there to rescue me within a half and hour. The nice guy said these new cars can’t have the radio running like that. It’s as if the whole car is on. (I’ll also admit, I listened to talk radio the other afternoon for about an hour when I was sitting with Cassidy on baby watch.) I seem to remember back in the good ol’ days we could have the radio on in our cars and it was fine. Hurmph! So, Eva says, “I’m with Stupid!”

*Don’t forget to watch the CassidyCam tonight starting at 7pm Eastern!!!!!!

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