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We revealed the baby’s name this weekend with a live webcast but there were technical difficulties so a lot of the story behind it was missed by everyone. Her name is Rebecca Maye and it holds a huge amount of meaning. When we began our journey with dogs some 16 plus years ago, we had no idea what we were doing or how truly blessed we were. We certainly had no idea that journey would lead us to becoming horse people!

Our first dog, Ramirez, is still with us. He’s 16 years old and a fragile old man, but his health is good and we pray every day for another day with him. We got him a couple months after we were married in ’92. Life was interesting with a crazy, dominant, miniature pinscher puppy! The next year Scottie brought home the first in a long line of strays. We named him Jackson and shortly after him entering our world, along came a cattledog named Rebecca. So, we quickly went from having one small dog to having 3 dogs in a one bedroom apartment. A house was purchased and thus began our lives being devoted to animals.

Ramirez, Jackson and Rebecca became known as our Holy Trinity. These three were the original. These three taught us everything. These three awakened our compassion for the animal world. It is rare for a person to have even one dog of such dimension, but to have three was outstanding. They put up with a lot from us in their lifetimes. Rebecca and Jack were the alpha leaders of whatever pack we had but they loved Ramirez enough they let him think he was, too. Rebecca always had his back and Jack tolerated his attitude knowing he could take him out in an instant.

We lost Jackson to cancer in 2003. It was devastating to the entire household. He lived a dignified life on his terms and that was how he died. Rebecca became old overnight. The last year and a half of her life we considered her on hospice care. She had several things ailing her and we set up the household to accommodate her special needs. She and Ramirez were settled into our bedroom and we called it the Vintage Room. No other dogs were allowed to bother them in there. Rebecca had her bed on the floor next to ours and oftentimes Ramirez would be found asleep next to her. Everyday I would ask her if today was the day and she always said, nope, not today.

Thanksgiving of 2005 brought on a bad spell of vestibular disease in our old girl. She was estimated to be 15 or so. I came home to find her convulsing with blood coming out of her ear. The vet talked me through some things on the phone (after calming me down) and I left her as comfortably as I could knowing she may well be dead when we got back home. I had to get to my pet sitting clients and it really sucked! But, she was with Ramirez and on her own bed so that was giving me some solace. Scottie was the first one done for the night and he walked in the room fully expecting to find her passed away. She wasn’t! She raised her head up and graciously gave him the best kiss he’s ever had.

We always left the radio on for them and he noticed in this emotional moment the voice of an angel coming from it. The song was “Over the Rainbow” and he lost it at that point and had a good cry of relief with his special girl. Once he composed himself he frantically tried to figure out who the singer was. He’d never heard her before. He even tried calling the radio station. They finally said the name and it was Eva Cassidy. We quickly became Eva fans after hearing all her music and learning her tragic story (www.evacassidy.org). When it was finally Rebecca’s time in Oct. 2006 to join Jack at the Rainbow Bridge, it was Eva’s voice that sang her there. “Fields of Gold” is Rebecca’s song. I dare you to listen to it and not shed a tear. The sadness and loss we felt was also mixed with peace and we thank Eva Cassidy for that.

When it was time for a new cattledog to join our family there was only one name she could have – Eva. We experienced a lot of spiritual things that led us to finding BM April on the rescue website. We felt she had to take the name Cassidy so we had that connection. There really wasn’t a lot of debate as to what the baby’s name was going to be. The circle is now complete with her being Rebecca Maye. Saying her name makes us happy. We hope Rebecca and Jack are both watching over our girls and guiding them to be the best they can be. We are blessed again.

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Buy A Shirt!

The official Cassidy April WebShop is running, with our first two shirt designs. More to come…

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Just in time for our first regularly scheduled CassidyCam Weekly Webcast… you can now join Cassidy’s Yahoo group. We hope to see all you”regulars” from our live chats!!!

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The Price of Love?

My lovely husband, Scottie, learned first-hoof what it means when we caution him to be careful around the horses. He tends to detach himself from situations when he is behind his camera. That’s good for documenting history but not so good for keeping oneself from getting hurt. The video is humorous, but only because he is ok. It could have been a lot worse!

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Life is Good!

Wanted to get some pics up for everyone. I still need to write up the actual events of Cassidy’s record birthing process, but not enough time right now. Baby (still no name) and momma are doing wonderfully. ENJOY! Baby is a few days old.

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Cassidy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 7:20am on Saturday, May 17th. Here are the first photos… details to follow when I’m a little more coherent:

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We have begun Day #9 of the Cassidy Baby Watch. She really began showing signs of getting down to the business of birthing this baby last Sunday – but no, not yet, she says! We have lots of new friends on-line who are now heavily invested in this event. Scottie & I thank you for helping us monitor her. It has allowed us to get some much needed sleep for a few hours each night. She may disappoint you all, though, and have it alone out in her pasture. I’m at the point where I just want it born, I don’t care who sees it or not. Yesterday, each time I approached the barn in my car, I said a little prayer – “please let me see a baby standing beside her!”. I am torn between wanting to be there for every moment and thinking she needs to be alone. I guess she is just going to have this on her own terms, no matter how we try to involve the rest of us.

The signs I saw with her this morning are: milk bag so full it can’t possibly get any fuller, but no waxing; jiggly butt & thighs; privates are loosey-goosey and elongated; the outline of the foal is visible on the bottom of her belly like he is just laying there happy as can be. I called Dr. Cichra yesterday because she was having a reddish slow drip from her privates. It is still there today. She said not to worry unless it gets worse and she begins to act sick. She is doing massive tail switching and lifting, pacing but also trying to nap. Today is a beautiful day for having a baby, easy breeze and not a lot of humidity. I will be checking on her a few times while out on pet sitting rounds. I hope she has it today, it’s back in the 90’s tomorrow.

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Going into night #5 of the CassidyCam BabyWatch, Scottie called The Philips Phile yesterday to see if it was okay to use their famous Macaroni & Cheese/A1 Steaksauce recipe for inducing labor. Jim told him it only works for human mommies… not a good idea to try it on a horse. He then offered this secret mixture, known only to a few experts in the equine world:

– 1 pack of Starbrite mints (red and white only!)

– 1 small box of light green Tic Tacs

– 1 fresh carrot

She’s supposed to eat them in this order… a piece of carrot, a Starbrite, another piece of carrot, two Tic Tacs (one at a time), another piece of carrot, two Starbrites, another piece of carrot, and finally one last Tic Tac. If after a bit of time she’s still not ready, we can add half of an oatmeal cookie without raisins. He really cautioned us on the cookie not having any raisins. Jim said we would see a certain look in her eye if it was working or not. We are all getting so sleep deprived from watching the CassidyCam, I’m going shopping and then we’re gonna see how fresh we get her horsey breath! We’re counting on the wise, Jim Philips, so keep watch for a baby soon.

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By popular request, here’s the song Scottie performed in front of the CassidyCam last night:

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That’s what our cowdog, Eva, said this morning. I did my usual trek to the barn after an uneventful night watching the CassidyCam. I wanted to do a small grooming on my big girl so I thought I’d just pull my car up beside the pasture fence and leave my radio on. I hitched Eva to the back and she found a stick to toss around close enough to keep her eye on things. I cleaned up Cassidy April, picked up piles of poo, made a few phone calls – all to a nice Cool Country soundtrack coming from my car XM Radio.

It was nearing time to head home so I kissed Cass and put Eva in the car. Sat in the drivers seat, started the car – and nothing. Tried again, nothing. I had run my battery down! I called AAA and they were there to rescue me within a half and hour. The nice guy said these new cars can’t have the radio running like that. It’s as if the whole car is on. (I’ll also admit, I listened to talk radio the other afternoon for about an hour when I was sitting with Cassidy on baby watch.) I seem to remember back in the good ol’ days we could have the radio on in our cars and it was fine. Hurmph! So, Eva says, “I’m with Stupid!”

*Don’t forget to watch the CassidyCam tonight starting at 7pm Eastern!!!!!!

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