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We have a baby!!!!

Well…it’s not Cassidy’s…another mare at her barn gave birth last night! WHOOHOOO!!!! I drove by the barn around 6:30am and parked at the front of Jingle’s pasture. I couldn’t see real clear because it was still a bit dark but, sure enough, there was a baby! I ran up to make sure mom and baby were ok and then got her owner on the phone. I was the only one there with them for a short time and it was special. Wow! I still don’t understand how that big baby came out of her belly. Jingles’ owner, Shaila, arrived in quick time and the barn owner and another boarder showed up, too. My wonderful husband, Scottie, came with his camera to capture the moment.

Once our Cassidy was out in her pasture across from momma and baby she took one look and got all worked up. She was trotting the fence line and calling to them. I had her tied up to groom her and had to let her go because she wouldn’t settle down. She apparently loves babies, which is good since hers is on the way. Shasta’s birth may jump start hers to get on out here. Last night I was poking around the website of the rescue I got Cassidy from and found her past 3 babies listed. I could only get specifics on her foal from last year. It was a filly born on May 10th and was adopted by someone in California. When she has this baby, there will be no more – I can’t handle it!

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