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Making friends

For several weeks I’ve been taking my cattledog pup, Eva, when I go to the barn in the mornings. This horse thing has gotten in the way of the intense training I had been doing with her so I’m trying to combine some of it. Eva is just 1 year old and very full of herself. But, I think she and Cassidy are becoming friends. When I first get Eva out of the car I do some leash work with her between the two pastures and we play a bit. Then when I’m ready to work with Cassidy I tie the dog to the back of my Scion on a long line. She usually entertains herself with sticks but mostly keeps a close eye on what I’m doing.

When she first met Cassidy, as was expected, she snapped at the horse’s nose. She’s gotten much better about that these days. They actually seem to enjoy hanging out with one another. This is teaching the dog much needed patience and it’s showing Cassidy dogs can be ok. I was cleaning out the pasture a few days ago and Eva was tied in her usual spot next to the fence. Cassidy was done being groomed so she was no longer tied. Everytime before she has followed me as I clean. She stays so close I end up hitting her with my arm as I’m tossing the poop into the wheel barrow. This day, she chose to stay at the fence with Eva. It was nice to see.

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