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First haircut.

Greetings from Cassidy April Land! Things have been going smoothly with our pretty girl. We’ve gotten into a good daily routine. I spend a couple hours in the mornings, grooming and bonding with her. I quickly stop in early afternoon time to check on her and give her some much appreciated lunch. Then at the end of my client rounds I stop again at dinnertime. Sometimes I only have a short time, other times I just can’t leave and then I get in trouble because I make dinner for us late! Luckily, the barn is 2 miles from my home.  I’ve read my Fjordhorse Handbook and I think I’m about as ready as I can be for this baby Fjord to join us. She’s showing us some signs that she is going to have this baby sooner rather than later.

I’ve gotten the majority of her winter coat out but Cassidy was in need of a haircut. With our days getting warmer, she was simply burning up under all that mane. I know Fjord purists believe the mane should be cut short and standing up to show off that amazing neck but I just couldn’t do it to her. I also didn’t trust myself to do anything with it, since I can’t cut a straight line on a piece of paper. So, I called on my longtime friend (and personal stylist) Micheal to come give her a trim. I’ve known him for nearly 20 years but never knew (or maybe had forgotten) he’d grown up with horses. When I requested he make time for this special horse, he didn’t hesitate. Women generally have to schedule way in advance to get a sitting with him. Of course, Scottie documented the event. Enjoy!

He’s using thinning shears. It cuts the bulk of the hair out but leaves the length.

She was really enjoying the pampering. I think she fell asleep for a while.

When neatening up the tail she reminded him she was a horse – she simply raised her hoof a bit. We got it done with no one getting hurt!

We can actually now see her beautiful face. I think Micheal dug her just a bit.

Friendship has been struck. Now Cassidy will always have her own personal professional stylist. Micheal, you rock!

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