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Yesterday I was able to clean out Cassidy’s hooves! I’ve been working with her to pick up her front feet (haven’t tried the back ones) and I got so motivated I decided we were going to pick them out. Her attitude was great but she was still giving me a hard time when picking up her right front foot. I believe I was holding her entire 1,ooo lbs. myself with no help from her! Now I know what could be the problem. A couple days ago she stumbled a bit when coming down from the pasture to get her lunchtime hay. She wouldn’t run with me that day. It seems this morning now she is having some pain associated with her left leg or foot.  That would explain her not wanting to lift up the other foot and having to bear all her weight on the sore one. The barn owner looked at her for me and we decided to put some linament on it and I’m going to ice it later. I will probably call the doctor tomorrow. We’ve also noticed she is creaking with every step and it seems to be coming from her back legs. I sure hope nothing is wrong with my girl. She is huge with this baby, though, so maybe the extra weight is causing this. She also gave herself a couple abrasions overnight in the barn somehow. She is patient with me when I’m cleaning and medicating her. I can tell she does not feel very well today.

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