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Bless you Oprah.

Puppymills was the subject today on the Oprah show. Everyone of us in the dog rescue world were glued to our tv’s, I’m sure. I am grateful that a person with the influence of Oprah is now on our bandwagon. I was a bit confused as to how she had not known anything about puppymills before, but that doesn’t matter. She does now and so does the rest of the world.

We have had the honor of sharing in the lives of two former puppymill breeder dogs, Mia and Nellie. Both came to us at separate times but both had spent their first 10 years as puppy making machines in the Midwest. Both could have had as many as 18 – 20 litters of pups. Their bodies showed it. Their souls never forgot it. Mia came first in 1997 and was with us for 4 years, then finally lost her battle with failing kidneys.

Nellie came in 2001 after Mia died. I was having a terrible time with my grief for her. I felt the only way I could ever be right again was to save another mill girl. Nellie was the exact same type of dog (miniature pinscher) but completely opposite in personality from Mia. Nellie came as a zombie. She had learned to turn off all emotions, I suppose to keep herself from going crazy. I am happy to say, Nellie is still here and going strong. She will turn 16 this summer.

Both girls were bought at auctions. The millers didn’t bid on them because they were past being productive, so undercover rescues liberated them. Both came with many health and emotional problems. Mia’s voicebox had been crushed so her bark was just a raspy wisp. Nellie has scarred corneas on her eyes and constantly weeps. Mia’s uterus basically fell apart when she was spayed. Nellie had breast cancer. Neither could ever be housebroken. Mia opened our eyes many years ago to the plight of the puppymill dogs. Both girls have been vital in educating anyone and everyone they met as to why buying that cute puppy in the pet store is not a good idea.

Our work in the puppymill fight is why we opened our hearts and home to Cassidy April. The puppymills and PMU ranches share the same philosophy. They profit off the misery of innocent animals. We have carried the burden of this truth for a long, long time. We are pleased the burden is now shared by millions more.

For more information on puppymills, please visit the shelter that rescued our beloved Mia:


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